Leica Akademie & Jim Sullivan

Michelin Star Photography: A Food Photography Experience

February 17-18, 2024 | Leica Store San Francisco

Join us for a weekend at the Michelin star restaurant Mister Jiu's and their cocktail bar Moongate lounge, as we take you into the world of Food Photography with professional food photographer, Jim Sullivan.

Led by Chef Brandon and his team, we will have exclusive access to behind the scenes of this Michelin star restaurant during the workshop. Participants will get to photograph a professional kitchen as it prepares for service.

Jim will help you understand the aspects of food photography, the concepts and the techniques used in creating this art form. He will also be covering the business skills needed to be a successful freelance food photographer. Leading the workshop with his Leica SL2, Jim will teach this workshop and connect participants with professionals across the industry.

While on location at each location, Jim will walk you through his usual set up and style of working. In addition, he will teach you how professional kitchens are run and how to work with the team.

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Leica Akademie & Todd Hido

Critical Decisions: Perspectives on the Creative Process

April 19-20, 2024 | Leica Store San Francisco

Join Todd Hido in a weekend workshop designed to inspire, challenge, and help you answer questions often faced by artists.

The course will cover the experiences, strategies, and influences that have formed and shaped Hido’s own career in photography. Through a candid presentation, Hido will present his own images, as well as the work of others that have been a source of inspiration and influence on him. Hido will describe in detail the process he has used for creating his projects, exhibitions, and books.

Hido will review and critique individual portfolios in a group discussion to bring a greater understanding to personal vision and the editing process. Each student will receive personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The workshop’s main objective is to provide students with a framework for intuitive self-discovery and the merging of one’s own creative practice in everyday life.

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