Leica ZM 11

Leica ZM 11

About The Leica ZM 11

The Leica ZM 11 is a testament to our profound photographic legacy, reflecting our iconic design language along with other hallmarks of our esteemed camera heritage. The ZM 11 bridges the craftsmanship of watchmaking with the essence of photography, promising a new perspective from every angle.

The ZM 11 is a watch for every moment: robust, sophisticated, and brimming with details, from its outstanding features to its luxurious finish. Leica's proprietary Easy Change strap system is a technical replica of Leica’s camera lens change system and allows easy, secure strap changes to suit any activity. The highly accurate Swiss automatic movement was designed and manufactured in partnership with Chronode SA. The ZM 11 is water resistant to 100m and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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