The Leica SL3

The Leica SL3

The Next Evolution in the Leica SL line.

About The The Leica SL3

The Leica SL3 represents a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Built in Germany, this mirrorless full-frame system camera is more than just an image-capturing device; it's a source of inspiration and a reliable partner in visual storytelling. Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals, the Leica SL3 enables boundary-free storytelling. It offers a unique experience that prioritizes photography, with technology working seamlessly in the background.

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Testing the Leica SL3 at Leitz Park!

Join Carlo in Wetzlar Germany at Leitz Park as he tests out the new Leica SL3, talks to those involved in making the SL3 possible and explores the home of Leica Cameras!

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Hands On With The SL3

Explore the specifics in this detailed comparison of the SL3 to previous generations of SL. Learn about the changes in the new Leica SL3. Ben also discusses the evolution of the SL system and whether the Leica SL3 is the right choice for you, among other things.

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