Billingham 225 MKII Camera / Tablet Bag

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Color: Khaki Canvas / Tan Leather (Olive Lining)

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An improved version of Billingham's classic 225 bag. The smallest in the 5-Series MKII range, the 225 MKII is ideal for carrying 1 DSLR or full frame mirrorless camera (or several rangefinder cameras), flash, lenses, and accessories. With 10 good-sized pockets and the TukTop feature, this extremely practical bag makes a great travel companion. Also fits 11" iPad. Made in England with 3-layer waterproof fabric and real leather.


Supplied with the bag are several dividers that can be repositioned or removed to provide different options for arranging your equipment. The dividers you see in the picture are included (also included is a SuperFlex Flap, not pictured).

Enhance your organization further with 17 different sizes/styles of padded dividers available as optional extras to customize the bag to your gear:

  • SuperFlex Partitions​ (one is already included, different sizes can be purchased separately)
  • SuperFlex Flap (one is already included)
  • DF Dividers​
  • V-Bridge 15​ ​(one is already included)

 Please note:

  • The internal height of the 225 MKII means it is too small to accept the '9-21', '10-21', '11-21' and '12-21' size SuperFlex partitions like the other 5-Series MKII, 7-Series and 550 bags can. 
  • Pro-tip: The 'DF 15-15' divider reaches front-to-back inside the main compartment of this bag, making it particularly good for some set-ups (e.g. placing two cameras next to each other in the bag).
  • SuperFlex Partitions are flexible so fit items slightly wider than their dimensions suggest.

Experience comprehensive protection with padding on all four sides and the base of the main compartment, safeguarding your valuable equipment. The front and back walls each have two strips of Velcro® so that you can attach the padded dividers previously mentioned. 

Behind the padded walls at the front and back is a slim space, made of 2 pockets each (4 in total). Ideal for manuals, lens filters, etc.

The zips can also be tucked into this space to keep them out of your way during use. We call this the ‘TukTop’ feature. You can still store slim gear in the space while using the TukTop feature.

All the features mentioned here are improvements over some previous versions of the bag adding convenience as well as protection for your equipment


On the front of the bag are two generously sized dump pockets, perfect for storing film, cables, batteries, spare memory cards, etc., helping you keep your bag organized and ensuring efficiency when you need it most.

Adjacent to each dump pocket is a small pen pocket, adding to the bag's organizational features.

The pockets are safeguarded by a secondary flap, which protects against dust, weather, and unwanted access. This flap secures with dedicated ‘Quick Release Straps’ – just lift them up-and-off the brass clogball to access the pockets.


The 225 MKII features a full-length zip pocket, spacious enough to accommodate an 11" iPad in a slim case.

Please note:

  • This pocket is padded on one side only. 
  • The discontinued Billingham Tablet Slip is a little too big to fit in this pocket (the leather edging on that product increases the dimensions too much).

Within the previously mentioned full-length zip pocket, you'll find two padded pockets, perfectly suited for small lenses, compact flashes, or lavalier microphones.

Please note: 

Carrying a tablet in the main zip pocket may restrict the capacity of these two padded pockets.


The bag's rear is equipped with a zipped pocket, perfect for securely storing maps, tickets, and other essentials.

A new addition to the MKII version is the luggage trolley retainer strap, designed to conveniently slide over the handle of a trolley suitcase, a major convenience during travel.


Each bag in our '5 Series MKII' lineup (225 MKII, 335 MKII, 445 MKII, and 555 MKII) is equipped with durable brass feet, securely mounted on robust leather corner patches. This design not only protects the bag's corners from wear but also extends the overall longevity of the product.

 While we are discussing the other '5 Series MKII’ bags – they are all identical to each other in design, varying only in size and the number of dividers included. The 225 MKII is the smallest and 555 MKII is the biggest.


For utmost comfort, the bag features a leather grab handle that wraps around its strong webbing carry straps.

Additionally, the bag includes an extra internal webbing strap sewn in at the back under the top flap. Used in conjunction with the front handle, to which the grab handle is attached, this feature enables safe carrying of the bag even when it's open.


The shoulder sling is made of strong shuttle-woven polyester with a brass fixing to allow you to adjust the length to suit your height and shooting style.

 Where the sling attaches to the bag, it splits into an inverted 'Y' shape at each end. This distinctive split design enhances weight distribution, ensuring the bag remains stable and level, even when carrying heavy loads.

 Additionally, the lower ends of this split sling act as attachment points where optional Delta Pockets can be clipped on, offering added space and organization as needed. The image provided showcases the back of one such Delta Pocket.


The Quick Release System to open the top flap has been adapted so that the top grain leather straps pass through solid brass ‘D’ rings at the end of the webbing carry handles.

 The bag was designed this way to provide fast, secure closure even when the bag is heavily loaded – the durable webbing and brass D-rings bear the weight.

Additionally, the bag is equipped with fixings at the bottom (both front and back) for attaching optional Tripod Straps, enhancing its versatility for photographers on the move.


Compared to the most recent version of the 225 the 225 MKII offers several upgrades:

A wider shoulder sling (50mm compared to 38mm) and wider included shoulder pad (SP20 instead of the SP15) to add comfort while carrying for extended periods.

A luggage trolley strap on the back, the old version did not have this.

A V-Bridge 15, useful for lens support in certain configurations, is now included inside the bag. Previously it was only sold separately.

Additionally, it retains improvements that were gradually added to the 225 (and its predecessors) over the years such as the SuperFlex divider system, two strips of Velcro on the front and back of the main compartment to more securely attach dividers, a StormBlock butyl rubber lining for improved waterproofing, the 'TukTop' feature to tuck the zips of the main compartment out of the way during use and a significantly more robust 'closed-cell' foam padding.

 Bonus notes:

  • The picture is of the SP20 shoulder pad that is included with the bag.
  • The main compartment of this bag is similar in size to that of the 207, as both use the same removable padded basepad. However, the 207 has a taller interior than the 225 MKII.
  • See the FAQs for a comparison to the 207 and 335 MKII bags.


Remember, like all current Billingham camera bags the 225 MKII features:

  • 3-layer water-proof fabric.
  • The 225 MKII is made from a choice of Canvas or FibreNyte materials that are bonded to a polyester lining with a layer of butyl rubber, known as the 'StormBlock'. This butyl layer is the reason why you will never need to re-proof your Billingham bag, the 'Stormblock' layer will keep your bag waterproof for its lifetime.
  • Real, top-grain, organic, vegetable-tanned cowhide.
  • Solid brass fixings.
  • Individual serial numbers are featured on each bag to track quality and ensure authenticity.
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Handcrafted in England, this bag exemplifies the quality you've come to expect from Billingham.
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Color: Khaki Canvas / Tan Leather (Olive Lining)

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